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Bauhaus side table

Bauhaus side table

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One of the greatest expressions of the modernist movement, the Bauhaus was born in an important historical context, with the aim of having a democratic school and with the principle of building completely simple and, at the same time, functional pieces.

This is a piece with a strong symbolism behind it. With a narrative behind its organic and simple forms, it alludes to various elements contained in the Bauhaus movement. With regard to colors in the composition, the intention here was to use the saturation contrast method, demonstrated by Johannes Itten, which occurs when saturated and pure colors are combined with desaturated colors. This creates a play of color intensity, highlighting the saturated color, applied to a subtle detail in the case of the Bauhaus table. A graceful balance of form and function.

Measurements: 60.0 cm wide. x 30 cm deep. x 55 cm high.

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